Your donations are critical to the success of this project.  We can accept one time payments (new pledges for for existing pledges) or automatic recuring monthly payments by credit cards.

One time or recurring monthly payment with Credit Card

Donations of all denominations are accepted.  We want everyone in the community to get involved

To Setup a new pledge, but not pay it now including large pledges associated with campus naming rights.  Click the link below to make your pledge. 

Register a pledge
Can be used for multiyear pledges, large pledges
and naming opportunities.

Campus Naming Opportunities. 

We have regular naming opportunities starting as low as $5,000 and as much as $2.5 Million Dollars.  Get  your name affixed to the campus and be part of history.

We in the process of breaking ground now.  Our Goal is in reach.   Your help is needed today!.