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Perhaps you remember this parable:

A young boy walking through an orchard spotted an old man planting a small carob tree.

Puzzled, the young boy asked, "Don't you know, old man, that it takes 70 years for a carob tree to bear fruit? You'll be long gone by the time this tree bears any fruit."

Continuing his planting, the old man calmly replied, "That's true, young man. However, when I was born into this world, I found many carob trees bearing fruit. Just as others planted those trees for me, I want to be sure that yours and future generations will also enjoy this fruit."

This is our opportunity to paint the picture our shared future. It's our opportunity to give back for what we ourselves have gained throughout our own lives. It's our chance to give from this generation to future generations. This is what makes us stronger. Because we all know that we are always Stronger Together.

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Get Involved!

You and your family are central to building a rich and vital Jewish community that goes beyond our personal Jewish affiliations. Our Jewish Campus can act like a magnet - drawing more Jews to our community and stimulating the growth of Jewish life throughout Eastern North Carolina.

Get Involved 2The Greater Raleigh Jewish Community Campus will become our central address for Jewish life by creating the ties that bind us together. It's about bringing together a more united community, a community that will thrive on greater Jewish continuity and identity.

There is a lot of excitement already taking hold, and here lies the opportunity for you and your family to get involved - in big ways and small. Many of your friends and neighbors are already involved in different ways. People are opening their homes for social gatherings and informational meetings to help explain in much greater detail all the new additions, renovations and new programming that are planned for our new Campus. Others are working with the groups already involved at our Raleigh-Cary JCC - groups like our camp families, members of our Melton School, those active in our swim and athletic teams. Groups are forming to rethink and enhance the programs that will refresh our new Jewish Campus. Still others are reaching out for potential corporate sponsorships. Our Campus Campaign has been designed to let you and your family get engaged in whatever way you see fit.

In fact, as of April 2014, our Capital Campaign has already reached the two thirds mark of our Phase I fundraising objective!

Get Involved 3Be a part of creating this lasting legacy for Jews in our community today and into the future. Like the generations before us, we have the opportunity to pass down the traditions and rich legacy for our children to pass on to theirs.