Changes on the Campus Videos

Campus Construction update  Guld Building Demo

 Guld Building Start of Something Great Big Chanings Coming

March 2016- Added an addition to the back of the Guld Building, Built new offices, and created seperate programming spaces.

Decemeber 2015 - Broke ground on the renevations of the Guld Building

November 2015 - Moved the JCC offices to the Trailers

May 2014 -Pool area renovation is complete. Including the fixing of the deck, building repairs, additional deck space, new chairs, painted buildings and of course new shade structures. WOW look at all that shade. Some minor finishings around the building, playground and the pool will be complete shortly.

What Comes Next?

Steven N. Guld Building Reopening in May 2016

If you have not alread donated, we need you so sign a pledge form or sign a check.  Everyone is part of this community and needs to help contribute the the new and improved center.  The next major initiative is up to you, your friends and family!